• Transparent OPS Sheet
  • Colored OPS Sheet
  • Metallized OPS Sheet
  • Anti-fog OPS Sheet
  • Freezing OPS Sheet
  • Shrink OPS Sheet
OPS material strengths
Saving material cost
Because OPS has good rigidity and light specific gravity, the material consumption of OPS is 35% less than that of PET, when they’re used to producing same function products.
Saving production cost
Because the molding time and molding temperature of OPS are less than that of PP, OPS’s efficency is higher, its comsuption and labor cost is cheaper as well.
Decorative and functional
With great transparency and glossiness, OPS brings food the fresh and beautiful appearance. OPS can keep its property even under -40℃ freezing condition.
WINKO’s strengths
Rich in production experience and proffessional talents
Since established, WINKO has been focused on the improvement and innovation in the production of OPS sheet, and has obtained 16 national patent rights.
Geographical strengths
Settled in two big economic circles—Shenzhen and Shanghai, with world-class ports whose container throughput ranking the 1st and 3rd in the world, Winko Group is the best manufacturing base for both domestic and overseas customers, for which our customers can saving delivery time and cost.
Scale strengths
With annual capacity of 50,000 tons, Winko group has many advantages in purchasing raw material and providing customers with better delivery time.
Market strength
The popularity of environmental protection concept
As a new type of environmental friendly packaging material, OPS sheet became a mainstream food packaging material on the market and is populared by the end customers.
Many developed countries, such as America and Japan, have prohibited to use PVC or other environmental unfriendly materials for food packaging.