Anti-fog Biaxial Oriented Polystyrene Sheet (Abbr. Anti-fog OPS Sheet )

Application: snack box, cake box, cold drink box, packaging for other hot or chilled food, or the lids of  two piece box.

Anti-fog OPS sheet is made by antifogging coating on one side of the transparent OPS sheet. When the side coated with antifogging agent is contacted with hot steam or the frost that coming out from the hot or chilled food, there is no fog on it but its transparency. The main difference between Anti-fog OPS sheet and common OPS sheet is antifogging agent, which endows Anti-fog OPS sheet wider application and better effect.


range of the sheet thickness 100 to 750 um
range of Roll width 330 to 1500mm(<3300mm)
coating one side anti-fog/ one side anti-fog and the other side silicone
size of roll core 3 inches(7.62cm), 6 inches(15.24cm)
Common Diameter of Roll 38cm(carton)/56cm/68cm(horizontal)/72cm/75cm/100cm
Common size of Pallet 1120*1120mm/1450*750mm/725*725mm/1400*1130mm
Type of pallet Can be lifted on single /double/all side(s)
Application temperature –20 to +80℃
expiry 12 months