Metallized Biaxial Oriented Polystyrene Sheet (Abbr. Metallized OPS Sheet )

Application: chocolate tray, moon-cake tray, cake tray, candy tray etc.

with the food safety standard aluminum coating technology,Metalized OPS sheet showing special metallic luster.  Metallized OPS sheet is mostly gold or silver. Because of its special glossiness and color, Metallized OPS sheet is usually used to packaging chocolate, moon-cake, cake etc., bringing these foods more exquisite and higher level appearance.


range of the sheet thickness 100 to 750 um
range of Roll width 330 to 1500mm(<3300mm)
coating one side silicone/double sides silicone
size of roll core 3 inches(7.62cm), 6 inches(15.24cm)
Common Diameter of Roll 38cm(carton)/56cm/68cm(horizontal)/72cm/75cm/100cm
Common size of Pallet 1120*1120mm/1450*750mm/725*725mm/1400*1130mm
Type of pallet Can be lifted on single /double/all side(s)
Application temperature –20 to +80℃
expiry 12 months