Transparent Biaxial Oriented Polystyrene Sheet (Abbr. Transparent OPS Sheet )(not including anti-fog OPS sheet)

Application: packaging for snack, cake, salad, sauce, sushi and other food; lids; collar band etc.

Transparent OPS sheet is made from granular material, which is longitudinally and transversally stretched after melted and extruded out from the extruder. After biaxial extension, OPS sheet has the thickness uniformity, rigidity and transparency and other physical properties that have not been found in cast PS sheet. These properties improve its processability and application performance. OPS sheet will be more attractive after being metalized and coated.



Range of the sheet thickness 100 to 750 um
Range of Roll width 330 to 1500mm(<3300mm)
Coating no coating/one side silicone/double sides silicone
Size of roll core 3 inches(7.62cm), 6 inches(15.24cm)
Common Diameter of Roll 38cm(carton)/56cm/68cm(horizontal)/72cm/75cm/100cm
Common size of Pallet 1120*1120mm/1450*750mm/725*725mm/1400*1130mm
Type of pallet Can be lifted on single /double/all side(s)

Product properties
parameter unit value testing method
Basic property
Density g/cm³ 1.05 D1505
tolerance of Thickness % ±5  
tolerance of width mm 0 to +2  
О2 permeability cm³/(m²•d•atm•mm) 120-180 D 3985
СО2 permeability cm³/(m²•d•atm•mm) 300-800 D 1434
Light permeability % 92 D1003
Moisture permeability g/(m²•d•mm) 2-10 D 1435
Transparency % 96 D 1003
Haze % ≤2.0 D 1003
Gloss gloss unit 115 D 2457
Application temperature –20 to +80  
Self Life Month 24  
Mechanical property
Tensile strength(-MD/-TD) MPa ≥55 D 882
Elongation at break (-MD/-TD) % ≥3 D 882
Shrink Tension PSI 0.6-1.5 D 2838
Hardness Rockwell M   85 D 785
Minimum modulus of elasticity(-MD/-TD) MPa 2200 D 882
Thermal properties
Continuous Heat Resistance 79  
Thermal Conductivity Cal/sec/cm2/℃/cm 20x104 C 177
Thermal Expansion In/in/℃ 6.8x105 D 696
Heat Sealing Range 121-177  
Flammability   inflammable  
Shrinkage temperature >+95  
Chemical Properties
Strong Acids   Great(except oxidizing acids) D 543
Strong Alkalies   great D 543
Alcohols   good D 543
Fat,Cheese&oil   good D 543