Freezing Biaxial Oriented Polystyrene Sheet (Abbr. Freezing OPS Sheet )

Application: packaging for the food that need to be preserved under cold environment.

Freezing OPS sheet is made by adjusting the raw material of OPS sheet, which can bring the sheet a better flexibility and resistance ability to freeze. The thermoforming product of freezing OPS sheet can survive to low temperature even low to -40℃,and the sheet without color masterbatch seems semitransparent.


Compared with ordinary OPS sheet

  Ordinary OPS sheet Freezing OPS sheet
Application temperature -20℃ to 80℃ Low to -40℃
Coating No coating/one side silicone/both sides silicone/anti-fogging(see details from Anti-fog OPS sheet) No coating/ one side silicone/ both sides silicone
transmittance very good not good