OPS is the universal abbreviation of BIAXIAL ORIENTED POLYSTYRENE, which is a new type of polymer environmental friendly packaging material.

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Characteristics of OPS

1)Great transmittance and transparency

With great transmittance and glossness, OPS allows people to see delicious food clearly inside through the beautiful packaging, and enhances pepople’s purchasing desire.

2)High hardness, great rigidity

With high hardness and great rigidity, OPS can provide better protection for the packaged products. When used to produce molding products in same loading-bearing requirement, the sheet of OPS can be thinner than that of other materials, which can greatly save the material cost.

3) Light specific gravity

The specific gravity of OPS material is only 1.05g/m³, while the one of PET material is 1.37g/ m³. To produce equal volume of sheet, the consumption of OPS material is 23.4% less than that of PET material. The material cost of OPS is cheaper.

4)High production efficiency

Because the molding time and molding temperature of OPS are less than those of other materials; OPS’s efficency is higher, its comsuption and labor cost is cheaper as well, when they’re used to produce sheet in same shape.

5)Wide scope of application

OPS can be used under the condition from -40℃ to 80℃. While the modified OPS can be used under freezing condition.

6)Sanitary and envoronmental friendly

Conforming with food hygiene and safety standards of international high level , without odor, OPS material can contact with food directly. OPS has no pollution at the secondary treating.

Compared with Other Products

Indexes Materials Results
Density(g/cm3) 1.05 1.37 1.37 OPS needs less material,saving cost
0.254mm thickness material, surface area per kg (m2/kg) 3.74 2.8 2.86 OPS is superb-yield material
Same intensity, different thickness(mm) 0.234 0.241 0.254 OPS needs less sheet, saving cost