Congratulations on Winko being named as "Famous Brand in Guangdong Province"

Author:颜龙 Date:2015-03-19time:11:36:01
 In January 2015, after reviewing by Adjudication Board assessment of Guangdong Province, which issued the certificate  《Famous Brand Certificate in Guangdong Province》, Winko brand is officially known as the Famous Brand in Guangdong Province.
Winko specialized in BOPS' developing and producing, and is known as the Top 1 in China for 12 years since from 2002. Based on this, to build and to be the Famous Brand is the market's need, also our Winko Company's strong will to meet customer's requirement, improve quality, and complete the management level. Winko will keep going on in improving and innovation to enhance and complete our quality and service. For A better Winko, A better Tomorrow!